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Sure, we offer all the usual perks you would expect from a salon suites - safe/professional setting, fully equipped suites, utilities included in rent, 24x7 access, suites you can personalize. But, we're also different. We're not a franchise or a large corporation. We're family owned, and proud to be small/focused. We offer short term leases. If life makes you change your plans, a simple 30-day notice will get you out of your lease with us. We also offer rent guarantees. Inflation DOES NOT exist in our salons. While the price of everything else around us rise, you can rest easy knowing your suite rent will NEVER go up. We have tenants paying 2012 rent rates!

As for what we don't do... We will NEVER "tap" your bank account for rent. We think that's just rude! If you need help decorating (i.e. hanging a mirror, picture, or TV) we'll give you a hand. We will never nickel and dime you with petty charges. When there's an issue, we do not make you fill out a form and get in line for maintenance, Just let us know! The owner may even personally show up the same day to address the issue. Last, and most important, we DO NOT do drama. We strive to create a professional drama-free work environment.

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